11 marzo 2009

You Can Taste The Difference With La Merced Yerba Mate

La Merced Yerba Mate comes from a family-owned hacienda called Las Marias, that happens to be the perfect place to grow Yerba Mate. Ideal climate. Ideal soil. Ideal everything.
Our carefully selected Yerba Mate bushes grow where the rich, red soil is at its natural best. They are cultivated organically with careful attention to soil conservation and zero use of pesticides and herbicides. It takes four years before the yerba mate bush’s leaves can be hand-harvested. It is then organically processed and naturally aged for twelve months. Natural aging is essential. It adds the finishing touch to La Merced’s smooth, friendly flavor.
We control the entire process, from planting to packaging right here in Argentina. Every package of La Merced you find in the store enjoys the benefit of our 75 years of experience and skill. La Merced is your assurance of a perfect cup of Yerba Mate, cup after cup after cup.
Our staff benefits as well, because it enables us to provide them with a better quality of life. It enables us to: furnish free medical care. Maintain a primary school. Support the Instituto Agrotecnico for Agricultural and Forestry students. Fund sports teams and recreation facilities. Provide free housing for a third of our staff and enable many more to own their own homes by donating the land and helping them get low-interest mortgages.
And the environmental benefits. We have restored acres of forest, returning birds and animals that once lived here to the areas ostriches, foxes, deer, wild cats, nutrias, monkeys, carpinchos, alligators, and birds by the flock.
“Mate is taken first thing in the morning, and again, about the middle of the afternoon, regularly. Then, besides, whenever you call upon a person, at anytime of day or evening, mate is generally served as a delicate attention, whether your visit is of business of friendship”.
Frank Vincent, Around and About South America,Twenty Months of Quest and Query, New York, 1889

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