11 marzo 2009

The Magic of Mate

“Yerba is one of the enchantments of this land”Nicolas Mastrillo Duran S.J., 1628
In 1515, the Spanish conquistadores came to what is now Argentina searching for gold and silver. They found Yerba Mate instead. To the indigenous Guarani people of the forest, Yerba Mate was everything. It was food. It was drink. It was everything.
The gauchos made Yerba Mate their constant companion. After a hard day’s work on the pampas, they gathered around the campfire, put the precious herb (Yerba) into a hollowed out gourd (Mate), covered it with hot water, inserted a hollow reed (bombilla), and passed the gourd around so that each could share the refreshing beverage.
Today, Yerba Mate is the favorite drink of all our people. It is the way to lift your spirits, to start the day, to greet guests, and to share good times with friends and family.
With less caffeine than coffee or tea, Yerba Mate is a smooth, natural source of energy, and like green tea, Yerba Mate is rich in polyphenols.
Experience the magic of our Mate, the world’s favorite.
“I reached the place of our bivouac by sunset, and drinking much mate, soon made up my bed the night. The wind was very strong and cold, but I never slept more confortably”.
Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle, 1836

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